Humboldt Artist Gallery


What is a Linocut block print? I use a product made in Australia called Silk Cut linoleum for my plates. I carve with metal tools like those used for a woodblock print. A plate can take 10-15 hours to carve before editioning.

The lino plate is inked, and then a piece of paper is placed on the inked surface and pulled by hand through my etching press.

Since every image is hand-inked and printed by hand, each one is considered an original work of art.

Some linocuts are printed chine collé. This means that decorative papers were also printed on the plate and then, when dry, cut out and glued to the paper like a collage. The decorative papers are all archival and made in Asia or Europe. 

I also use watercolor on my linocuts to add color. Other linocuts are simply black and white.

I use only the finest archival materials in creating my artwork.  It is advisable to frame all artwork using archival mats and UV-protected glass, and to avoid exposing the artwork to direct sunlight.